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For over 75 years, Deb Group, manufacturers of Cutan has been establishing skin care programmes for all types of workplace and public environments, spanning healthcare, industrial, commercial and food sectors. Across the globe, 40 million people use our products every day.

Today, Deb’s skin care and hand hygiene programmes deliver essential products, vital information and standards of behaviour which increase efficiency, improve skin health and prevent infection.

Drawing on years of technical expertise and extensive field sales support, we provide constant innovation to maximise compliance through carefully devised, reliable systems. These are supported by quality products that are both pleasant-to-use and cost effective.

At Deb, we understand infection control, we know you’re under pressure to improve your hospital’s infection prevention programmes and that the best way to do this is by increasing hand hygiene compliance, to help prevent the spread of harmful bacteria and germs.

We can help you meet the hand washing and alcohol based hand rub needs of your staff, patients and visitors across all departments.

We look forward to working with you to help you upgrade your hand hygiene programme at no extra cost.


For over 125 years, our philosophy has been centred on hygiene & infection prevention.  Well established throughout the Northern Hemisphere, schülke, a leading chemical and pharmaceutical company aims to protect people and materials against infections and contamination. Our mission is to fight disease and contamination before they emerge.

Preventing contaminations and infection is far easier than combating them. For this we offer innovative technologies, highly effective products and expert support services. Our products protect people and materials against contamination and risks of disease transmission throughout the entire infection prevention process.

Good hygiene conditions provide the best foundation for human health and a clean environment. Hand hygiene is one of the most important preventative activities for protection against the risks of disease transmission by staff, patients and visitors throughout hospitals and clinics while also protecting materials and facilities against contamination. Our extensive range of high performance products for hand disinfection including MICROSHIELD®, with over 25 years of history in Australia, and the newly introduced SENSIVA® range of perfume and colour free skin care meet the highest quality standards in terms of efficacy, skin protection and tolerability.

Today, the power of innovation is a major factor in our community philosophy just as it was 125 years ago. Over 190 patents and certificates document schülke’s innovative accomplishments. Our expertise and state of the art laboratories help us to develop individual solutions for every new challenge. We focus on continual improvement of products, processes and services in order to keep up to date with advances in infection control techniques and technology.

Please visit the schülke exhibit on stands 5&6 at the ACIPC 5th International Conference in Melbourne. We look forward to sharing with you the best of what schülke’s long tradition of innovation has to offer and how it can benefit you and your facility.


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